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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Superbowl BOUND!

Me - Major New England Patriots Fan!
My Hubby - Major New York Giants Fan!

Can you feel the love? lmao!!

Those 2 Championship games were CRAZY!! Both teams won by a mere 3 points! From the volume of screaming and cursing, I am sure that the Patriots and Giants heard everything we had to say!

I'm sure many of you now know... that we have a very very interesting Superbowl coming out way. February 5th cannot come quick enough!

4 years ago, the Patriots and Giants were Superbowl bound. On Saturday, February 2nd, my husband proposed to me in the middle of the mall... it was one of the most special moments of my life. Every time I think about it I cannot help but to smile. (*insert cheesy smile here*) lol. The very next day, my husband and I were MORTAL ENEMIES! Oh the fun we had; a nice party, good food, and of course Family! Things were pleasant...UNTIL! If I remember correctly... there were about 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Patriots were WINNING! So I said... "HAHAHAHA, I told you the Giants would LOSE!" and then the Giants scored a FREAKIN TOUCHDOWN! and ended up winning the game 17-14.

Blah Blah Freakin' Blah!...

After a few days... I decided to love the hubby again! :)

NOW... oh yes... REDEMPTION is coming! I can taste it!
On February 5th, 2012 Giants vs. Patriots and my sweet, sweet Redemption is on its way! I will get the bragging rights this time! I will be able to grasp sweet victory and hold this over the hubby's head until the next time these teams meet up. Can you feel it? I CAN!! :) (*insert sinister smile here*)

And I wonder why my 4 year old is so head strong? I guess now I know! lol!

Superbowl XLVI here we come!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gone With The... Sanity!!

I have to admit, I was probably the ONLY woman left on Earth that had not seen Gone With The Wind. Well, last night I watched it for the first time! I wish I could say "OMG I'M SO IN LOVE!!!" but I can't. The movie was okay at best. If you are one of the last ladies left that hasn't seen the movie... do not read anymore unless you want to know ending details. I am not a huge fan of romances that don't end well. Poor Scarlett goes through so much loss in what seems like 5 minutes of movie time, she loses her baby, then her daughter, then her "friend" dies while she's pregnant AND THEN lost the loves of her life; Ashley and Rhett within 2 minutes of each other, I mean really? Aren't these movies supposed to end happy? Why are women so flippin' nuts over this movie???? I can't understand it! I can understand the love of the costumes and the love of the thought of a happy ending but after that... I got nothing! I was left with a big fat "ARE YOU SERIOUS??" It makes me wonder about other old time-y movies that had been raved about actually being big flops! BUT me being me... I will try out some others before I lose hope on these movies. I mean, after all I am a huge fan of The Honeymooners! :)

Film-makers were really sadistic back then!! :( lol

Speaking of movies... I have to say, I am very excited for my adventures tomorrow! My husband and I are taking my daughter Olivia to see her favorite movie in 3D, Beauty and the Beast!!! :) She LOVES Beauty and the Beast! I cannot wait to see her reaction to this movie in 3D and the characters jumping out at her! Right now I am more excited than her I think haha!! :) This is going to be her first experience with the "Big Screen" so, I am very optimistic that this could become a regular thing for us here! I just hope that she doesn't get freaked out by the characters coming out of the screen and want to leave! .... Did I just jinx it? lol I hope not!!

Yay for 3D!!

For all you movie fans out there... I wish you lots of luck in these older "classic" movies! If you happen to stumble across one that doesn't leave you feeling like you've been hit by a mack truck... twice, then please send your suggestions my way! I love movies and I am open to GOOD suggestions. :) I think my next review for an older movie will be Creep Show, hopefully I won't want to blow out my brains after watching. So, be on the lookout for that review!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions & Chaos!

Happy New Year! (I know it's already the 7th but I am a Mom and I don't always have the time but you understand that... right? =) ) Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome New Year celebration!!

So what was YOUR Resolution? My resolution this year was to not make one at all... And I have to say, so far I've been very successful! :) Aren't you proud? hahaha!!!

So, the kiddies are back at school and all seems calm... YEAH RIGHT! lmao! This week was the short week and the drama begins! 4 school days this week and we couldn't even make it through... what a freakin' nightmare!!! For starters... Olivia's backpack broke in school. The entire zipper took a crap and decided to not close up leaving all her belongings exposed. You would think after noticing something like that, that I would double check all her stuff is there... NOPE! Not me. I just figured it's still nice and full... looks like it's all here. So the very next day as I am getting her ready for school... her sneakers are missing (she wears her boots to school and changes into sneakers for gym class). After yelling at Olivia to find them because I figured they were just buried in her toy bin... I realized they were really gone! unFREAKING Believable!!! So, I bring her to school hoping and praying that they were just left behind and the teacher confirmed that they weren't there. Then I called the bus garage hoping they were on her bus and they also confirmed that there were no shoes! So, the cool, calm, and collected person that I am decided to call the hubby and give him an earful! "Why would anyone want to take USED SHOES??" Assuming the worst in people... not my finest quality but I'm working on it! Anyway... after a whole day of freaking out and yelling at the hubby that now we have to go buy new sneakers, it was time to get Olivia off the bus. I get out there and there is the bus driver holding up her sneakers. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? I mean.. I'm relieved and all... but again, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? Did I not just call you in the morning and you said you were checking and NOTHING was found. Give me a freaking break!

I'm so glad the sneakers were found and I don't have to dish out money for more sneakers... YET! lol. Olivia is asking for these Skechers Bella Ballerina sneakers... and we'll see!

I will leave you with this thought... If all seems well... DOUBLE CHECK!!! :)

Has anyone actually bought these Bella Ballerina sneakers? If so, I'd really like some input!! Thanks!!!
Heidi :)