Sometimes it's not enough to just deal with your husband or your children... throw some crazy cats in the mix and your day is full!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello once again,

It's time to introduce the main trouble makers of this household... the cats! Since they are a big part of my life, they can now be a part in yours.

aka Baby
Jade is now 5 years old. She is usually the more relaxed one in the house... until there is a hair clip laying around, YEP a hair clip! Then it's like she's got the spunk of 50 kittens! I fully understand having some play time, but does it really have to come at such a high cost? The cost of a half hour of Peace when my daughter is taking a nap because ultimately the clip will land in her bed and the cat WILL jump on her, causing her to wake up in a frenzy and the cycle begins all over again. Yay me! ha ha!!

Peach is now 8 months old... and what the hell was I thinking? Around my birthday, I said to my husband, "Hon... can I get a kitten?? Pleeeeeeeeease?" I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that having a 4 year old child, an older cat and getting a kitten was crazy... but did I listen to those rational thoughts? HAHAHAHAHA!! Nope! So after a little searching... I found Peach. I really love her. I love the way she has now broken 3 Mini-blinds in my house because she doesn't understand the concept of going under the blind she has to go through it. I love how every night she attacks my daughter's feet in her sleep causing her to wake up screaming, "STOP IT" and then crying. But my favorite... my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is how much I love when she gets a burst of energy and rips through my house like wildfire ultimately knocking everything down because she's as clumsy as can be.

Oh yes... I love my cats! They keep me from being bored... I mean isn't that their job? =)

A couple of extra pics to show the love... enjoy!

The beginning of yet ANOTHER broken mini blind... SCORE! (Peaches 4, Us 0)

Can you feel the love? I know I can!


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