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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cat Adventures

I love that when a cat is still young... everything and I mean EVERYTHING is an adventure for them. From figuring out that their reflection is in fact THEIR reflection and not another kitten trying to take over. It usually takes them a while... a few hisses and arched backs later and they are over it but nevertheless... still an adventure.

The first time they meet Mr. Vacuum. Oh how I love the vacuum! Either they will be really brave and take it on, only to in fact find out they are petrified of it, OR they will run and hide like the "scaredy cats" (lmao) that they really are!

Anyway... for Peach, life is still an adventure. From jumping into the garbage chasing after an orange peel that was tossed in, to chasing her tail, nothing goes unnoticed to her. Making my bed is always a fun time for her. Running under the blanket as it is tossed in the air or when I am changing the sheets, she is busy chasing all the little folds before it is completely flattened out. But her newest adventure... she has figured out that she can sit behind the bed on the edge and see who she can attack!

"hehehe! They cannot see me!"

"Ooooh!! Is that a bug??!"
Kittens are like little kids... just trying to figure things out. But I gotta say, they are sometimes a whole hell of a lot funnier! So, the next time your cat is climbing your leg because of a belt strap, or attacking your feet just because you happen to walk by... you will know, that the best has just begun!

Embrace it... because when they get bigger... their nails hurt even more! lol! =)

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