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Friday, December 2, 2011

Olivia's first Christmas concert

I am SOOOOO beyond proud of my Olivia!!! These are the moments that make parenting and dealing with those crazy, make-you-want-to-rip-every-strand-of-hair-out-of-your-head moments so very worth it!!

So, today was my daughter Olivia's first concert... ever! (BONUS: that it was a Christmas concert!) So after watching the video clip... I bet you are wondering why it's a Hanukkah video when we celebrate Christmas?!

As always... things never go according to plan because if they did people would be smarter and more organized instead of "winging it".

Days before the show, I kept telling my husband, "we are DEFINITELY recording this!" I kept telling Jim how excited I was to see her perform and when she gets older, she'll be able to watch it and really appreciate the things that she had done. HA! ... Why is it people insist on making their hairdo's HUGE especially when they know they are going to sit in a crowded auditorium? I mean you KNOW you are going to block someone's view... but do they care? Nah. Because people can be really selfish... I mean doesn't anyone care that HEIDI WANTS TO RECORD HER DAUGHTER'S FIRST PERFORMANCE... EVER?! lol

Yeah, I guess I'm a little selfish... but I love my kid and I want to be one of those stage mom's that's right there doing it with them! But I cannot do that if people and their huge hair are in my way!

Anyway... I got off into a tangent... I know... back to the story. The reason why you are seeing this clip of the song about Hanukkah is because when my husband Jim FINALLY found a spot to record Olivia... this is the song they were singing. As you can see in the video he still has a little trouble keeping Olivia in focus. And of course once the song is over... my memory card is FULL! Again, you plan and plan... and things are still out of control!

All in all... we had a blast. And even though we recording basically only a song about Hanukkah, I know that when the day does come that she sits down and watches home videos... she'll be glad we caught this.

So my advice to all you "stage moms and dads"... 1. Get to the event WAY early so you get the best seats in the house and to set up way before anyone else does! 2. If you happen to get caught behind the ladies with the big heads and even bigger hairdo's... make sure you stand in the aisle right in front of them to show them whose boss! :)

When all else fails... do nothing and complain like I just did! :) lol

Proud parents with our lovely daughter! :)
Heidi :)

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