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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas & Tantrums

For all the parents with children over the age 6...  you made it out ALIVE!!.
For all the parents with children under the age of 6... HANG ON!

Christmas time seems to really bring out the best behavior in our kids. And when I say "best" I mean the absolute worst when they are under the age of 6! The "I want that" and the endless crying over the toy commercials seem to really peak at Christmas. Don't you agree?

My absolute FAVORITE has to be bringing these kids into the stores at Christmas... why? haha... Because that's when all the toys are placed right smack dab in their faces. Hear me out for a minute... you are driving in your car having a good old time... singing Christmas songs, playing games... whatever it is you do in your car... everything is Happy-Go-Lucky... then you get in the store and "I WANT THAT ONE!" and it's all over. Even when you explain... "Well if you are good Santa might bring you one" they still throw themselves to the floor or bring on some big scene, so that other parents who were smart enough to leave their children with babysitters will stare at you like they have perfect children... HA! And if you are anything like me... at this point you'll do ANYTHING to stop the screaming... so distract them with candy. Which I am starting to learn only quiets them for moments and then the SUGAR RUSH kicks in and things get far worse!

My advice... leave the children home until after New Years! Even if you are going grocery shopping!! And rest easy... because after the holiday is over you get to stand on line for Returns!! :)

And for the best part... I leave you with a video of my beautiful Olivia singing Santa Claus is Comin' To Town (she's so good at PLAYING innocent! :) )


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