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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh the Holidays...

I am a big fan of the holidays... but who isn't?

You get to spend all your money... stress over the trendy gifts... worry about the kids finding those trendy gifts (because those little rugrats can't wait another 2 weeks)... wrap the gifts... and then you snuggle those gifts safely under the tree for the next morning. All of this for the 10 minutes of pure Joy of ripping the presents open, 20 minutes of playing with the new found toys...

followed by "I'm bored" and BAM there goes your sanity... RIGHT OUT THE FREAKIN' WINDOW! All of this, just to have the cycle repeated the next year. Over and over... again and again... and yet we wonder why we end up getting greys so early?! lol


So, with this holiday fast approaching, my Olivia has been doing more and more Christmas crafts in school. Today, she made a "gingerbread" house. (It's really made with graham crackers not gingerbread).

 It's really adorable (as you can see) and her first. The BEST part of this house is... I DID NOT HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS! Usually when you make these things... you get icing everywhere, sticky gumdrops stuck to your table and candy bits all over your kitchen that you find for days and days wondering, "Where the hell do they keep coming from????"

...Again, there goes the sanity! lol

I really do love the Holidays...
I love the warmth of Family,
The crisp white snow,
The hustle and bustle to find the Perfect gift,
and most importantly... the Love.

So, while you are out there chasing after that perfect gift, running over that Grandma to get the last game, and standing on lines that take hours just to checkout 1 item... remember one thing... there is someone else doing the EXACT SAME THING somewhere else! (I bet that made you smile... =) ) Rest assured you are not alone!

Happy Shopping!!


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