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Monday, November 7, 2011


When my daughter was born... I finally became the person I wanted to be. I instantly felt like I had the whole world in my arms and it is the greatest feeling! Having a child makes you grow up & stay young, it makes you serious & silly, it makes you strong yet under their thumb, and lastly, it makes you feel the most love you have ever felt that's so consuming you never want to let go... ever.

beautiful huh?
My Olivia
 ... or as my husband says, "isn't she BOTH of ours?" A little girl that has so much love her parents will fight over who she belongs to... especially when she's behaving badly! hehehe :) She is four years old now and boy oh boy is she a trouble maker. From what I see most parents have one of two trains of thought... either:
1. my child could NEVER do anything wrong... or
2. I bet you my child is so much worse than yours! lol
Which leaves any conversations basically with you battling it out, either finding ways in which your child is more angelic than theirs (hahahah who are we kidding???) or finding ways in which your child has done something far worse than theirs did. Quite frankly... I like the second of the two because that's the fun part of life. Think back to when you were a child... did you sit on a chair all day with your hands folded or did you have some fun that usually got you in trouble?

I bet you are thinking about something you did that was bad... and now your smiling huh? :)

Anyway... Olivia is always up to something new. Her most recent finding... LYING! A four year old liar... that has to be some kind of record! She'll knock something over or break something RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and say "Jessica did it!" meanwhile her older sister isn't even in the house! I mean... Really??? I know all kids lie eventually... the route that Olivia is taking, she'll be the best lawyer... ever! :)

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! hehe


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